Switchboard Upgrade

Switchboard Upgrade

What Does an Electricity Switchboard Do?

The electrical switchboard is an important part of all electrical circuits as it controls every flow of current. The board supplies power from one source to another by redirecting electricity and distributing through transformers, panels etc.; such that they can be further distributed on your property!

Why upgrade the Switchboard?

The switchboard in your home could be a hazard to you and others around it. You might not know that there is an issue with the current flow through it, until something happens- like when someone gets shocked by faulty wiring or appliances starting up on their own! A new RCBO will help prevent these nuisances from occurring at all – as well as protecting against any possible fires caused by short circuits. Upgrading now may even save money down the road because homeowners won’t have spend extra energy running cables across rooms every time they want power again (reconnecting everything takes too long).

Importance of RCBO?

An RCBO is a great way to protect your home from potential electrical problems. For example, if there was an issue with one circuit it would only affect that outlet and not half of everything in the house! Our Electricians always install them as they make sure you’re safe by protecting against fire hazards or other disasters like power surges which could cause extensive damage when done wrong (like what happened during Hurricane Sandy). The process we use for sizing up our switchboards ensures we can select incoming supplies size according to regulations, so nothing gets missed out on too – including upgrading those old fuse boxes into something more advanced looking than before!).

Get a Certificate of Compliance

If you need to have electrical work completed on your property, usually the electrician will give you a numbered “Certificate of Compliance Electrical Work” as proof that their services have been properly tested and checked against current rules. This certificate can be used for future projects so there’s an official record of what was done in each previous project!

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    Can't thank you Micheal and Lewis enough for installing our lights in our new home. They were professional, friendly and work cleanly. We felt the work we had done was reasonably priced and will be happy to use MCD Electronic again. Great job guy's😊

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    Fantastic job delivered by MCD Electrics! I got his contact details from Beacon Lighting, Michael and his team has installed chandeliers and other electrical fittings for my new property. I would recommend highly this friendly and professional team to my friends and families for their electrical needs. Thanks MCD Team and all the best for your future contracts...

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    Michael was very professional, very friendly, on time and completed the job quickly and to a great standard. Thanks Michael! Will certainly use MCD Electrics again in the future.


    I am very satisfied and happy with the service work done professionally definitely I will recommend this company tommy friends and family, and in the future i will be using this business because I trusted their work. Michael and his co-worker i forgot his name are so polite people cheers to you both. See you soon.

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    We recently used Michael for an A/c installation and wiring for our shed. Michael was prompt in responding to all communication and was a pleasure to deal with. Michael is knowledgeable and takes pride in his trade. Highly recommend.

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    Very professional company. arrived on time, were very polite. worked efficiently and took time to explain how the fans worked. Would certainly ask them to do any electrical work in my home. Thank you

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    Excellent quality service. Understood my needs and delivered on the promise. Will use them for any electrical work we have in the future.

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